Our materials

Certified clothing from sustainable materials

Our credo

We want to create awareness of the loving craftsmanship of each producer and the natural resources we use. For this purpose, we provide insights into the environmentally friendly materials we use on our website.

Organic cotton (GOTS)

We use only GOTS certified cotton from controlled organic cultivation. This means that no defoliants, pesticides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers and also no genetically modified seeds are used. The majority of our organic cotton comes from India and Turkey. Furthermore, the remuneration of the employees is fair and child labor is excluded. Clothing made from organic cotton is particularly kind to the skin.

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TENCEL™ Lyocell

TENCEL™ Lyocell is a particularly sustainable fiber. The cellulose fiber is obtained from rapidly renewable eucalyptus wood, which comes from sustainable forestry. The solvent used for fiber extraction is recycled, creating an environmentally friendly closed loop. Clothing made from TENCEL® Lyocell is light and cooling. It feels silky and wrinkles little.

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Recycled cotton

Turning old into new: surpluses are regularly produced during fabric production. Instead of disposing of these as usual, the cotton fabric remnants are shredded in a complex process at our supplier in Italy and spun into a new yarn. This allows fabric scraps to become new material. The fabric not only saves resources but is also particularly soft and comfortable to wear.

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Linen is obtained from the bast fibers of the common flax, also called flax. The plant, native to Europe, is very robust and requires neither pesticides nor fertilizers. Clothing made of linen is hard-wearing, kind to the skin and, above all, has very good moisture management properties.

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LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose is produced exclusively from certified wood sources. The manufacturing process of these fibers meets the highest environmental standards and saves up to 50% of energy and water consumption compared to conventional viscose. A "man made" fiber that is incredibly soft and fully biodegradable. For a sustainable lifestyle and a clean environment.

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Organic wool (GOTS KbT)

To be eligible for GOTS certification, at least 70% of the fiber content must come from controlled, organic production. For our "organic wool" even 95% applies. The production and animal husbandry of this wool must also be certified according to national and international organic standards. This also means that animals producing these fibers must be kept free of animal suffering and no "mulesing" may be used in breeding. As a result, our organic wool keeps you comfortably warm and helps you feel good about your life.

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TENCEL™ Refibra™

Bei Refibra™ handelt es sich um einen innovativen Stoff des Hauses TENCEL™. Dieser beinhaltet das Upcycling eines wesentlichen Anteils von Baumwollstoffresten und ist somit besonders nachhaltig in der Produktion. Der preisgekrönte und geschlossene Herstellungsprozess der Refibra-Fasern verbraucht 95% weniger Wasser als konventionelle Baumwolle und ist dabei 100% biobasiert. Die Fasern absorbieren Feuchtigkeit effizienter als Baumwolle und unterstützen die natürlichen Wärmeregulierungsmechanismen des Körpers. Zusätzlich ist der Stoff sehr langlebig und zeichnet sich durch anhaltende Qualität aus. 

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Recycled wool (GRS)

Wool is by nature a very durable fiber and garments made of wool promise a relatively long wearing experience. In addition, wool is one of the world's most suitable fibers for reuse, which further extends the life of garments while protecting the environment. Therefore, we use recycled wool in our production, which is certified by the Global Recycle Standard. The material is particularly warm and soft and therefore the ideal companion for autumn and winter clothing.

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TENCEL™ Modal 

TENCEL™ Modal zählt zu den Viskosefasern und wird aus natürlich wachsendem Buchenholz gewonnen, welches aus nachhaltiger Forstwirtschaft (FSC & PEFC zertifiziert) entstammt. Modal-Fasern sind aufgrund ihrer Struktur sehr anpassungsfähig und ist dank einer hohen Atmungsaktivität des Stoffes gleichzeitig besonders angenehm auf der Haut. Aufgrund der seidig glänzenden Optik wird Modal ebenfalls als vegane Alternative zu Seide gesehen und liefert so eine elegante Optik.

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Our certifications

Certification to the Global Organic Textile Standard ensures compliance with ecological and social criteria along the entire supply chain.

The PETA-Approved Vegan seal is the leading certificate for the identification of vegan fashion. It identifies products that are made without animal ingredients.