Fair Trade clothing

The most important basics about fair fashion

What does Fair Trade clothing mean?

The textile industry is repeatedly criticized for low wages and poor working conditions. In the following guide, we will therefore introduce you to the topic of fair trade clothing and show you how to quickly recognize fair fashion products.

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  • What is Fair Trade clothing?
  • Certificates and seals
  • Short transport routes and transparent supply chains
  • Fair working conditions
  • What does greenwashing mean?

Fair Trade

What is Fair Trade clothing?

Basically, clothing is fair if the people who produce them are independent, have basic rights, receive a living wage and their health is not harmed by the work. Regulated working hours, Rechtssicherheit, Exclusion from Child labor and a Working environment free from discrimination are the The basis for fair production and should also become the norm in the commons. From a global perspective, this has unfortunately not yet been sufficiently implemented, which is why it is all the more important to focus on fair fashion and pay attention to certain things when consuming new clothing.

How do we recognize fair trade clothing?

Certificates and seals

There are now a large number of organizations that have specialized in examining the value chains of the clothing industry more closely in order to establish continuous improvements. OneImportant distinguishing feature when buying Fair Trade clothing are seals and certificates. The best-known seals currently include Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Fairtrade and the Fair Wear Foundation. You can find these and many other seals in sustainable clothing or on the respective product pages.

How to recognize fair trade clothing

Short transport routes and transparent supply chains

It is part of a fair philosophy, in the surrounding area to manufacture. This keeps delivery routes short and ensures a direct Communication to the Production partners simplified. In addition, companies can regularly and easily get an idea of the conditions on the ground to ensure fair working conditions in all parts of our supply chain.

How to recognize fair trade clothing

Fair working conditions

The production partners must constantly safe Working conditions, Vacation entitlement and Continued payment of wages in the Sickness apply to all employees. Under no circumstances should people be exploited just to be able to offer a slightly cheaper product.

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What does greenwashing mean?

As Greenwashing among others PR and Marketing Measures The term is used to describe the activities of companies Environmentally conscious or sustainability-oriented image to lend. In doing so, they praise the respective measures without implementing them responsibly or only slightly. This can be done in very different ways and sometimes has devastating consequences, which is why it is all the more important to pay attention to the points described above.

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