Object to the storage of cookies

Mozilla Firefox 20.0:
  1. First select "Settings" and then the "Privacy" grid.
  2. Under the "Tracking" section, you can disable the so-called tracking cookies.
  3. Under "History" you can select "Custom settings" and disable cookies in general, disable third-party cookies and select a validity period.

Internet Explorer 10:
  1. Select the "Settings" grid and then "Internet Options."
  2. Click on the "Privacy" grid.
  3. Select "Advanced."
  4. Here you can select the "Override automatic cookie processing" box and then disable cookies from first/third party providers or enable them only if you separately agree. Also, sessision cookies can be exempted.

Safari 5.1:
  1. Select "Preferences."
  2. Click on the "Privacy" grid.
  3. Here you can reject cookies altogether or reject only third-party cookies. The "Details" grid will give you an overview of the cookies stored on your computer.

Google Chrome 26.0:
  1. Select the "Settings" grid and then "Show advanced settings."
  2. Under "Privacy" you can check the box "Send a Do Not Track request with browser accesses".
  3. Under "Content Settings", you can enable the "Delete local data after exiting the browser" and "Block third-party cookies and website data" fields.