It's Fashion Revolution!

The Fashion Revolution Week is just around the corner, and this year we want to give you an insight into the production process of our sustainable clothing pieces.
Our goal is to operate as a fully transparent label. To achieve this, we provide insights into our production and supply chain and introduce you to the people behind Givn Berlin.
Each of our textiles goes through a multi-stage production process, which we would like to explain to you in more detail here.

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Pattern making

At the beginning, we send our designs and technical drawings to the producers, who create patterns and make prototypes from them.
From the pattern, the finished pattern pieces are then cut in production, which can be seen in the photos below.


Manuela works in the cutting department of our jersey producer in Guimarães, Portugal

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The sewing line at one of our producers in Portugal


Once cut, the individual pieces of fabric are sewn together to form a finished garment that you will later hold in your hands.


Susana, works as a flat-machine seamstress at our jersey producer in Guimarães, Portugal


Finshing + Distribution

After sewing, our garments are washed, ironed, packaged, and then shipped to us - as seen here at our production partners in Turkey and Portugal.


Birkan, working at the ironing station of our woven producer in Izmir, Turkey

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Klaudia, works in the quality control and distribution department of our producer in Legnica, Poland

Thank you for your support

We want to thank everyone who has joined our mission to change the industry for the better.

Even as Fashion Revolution Week comes to an end, our work continues to make the world a little bit better.

More about our certificationsOur materials

Our team, here on a visit to our jersey producer in Guimarães, Portugal

Our certifications

Certification to the Global Organic Textile Standard ensures compliance with ecological and social criteria along the entire supply chain.

The PETA-Approved Vegan seal is the leading certificate for the identification of vegan fashion. It identifies products that are made without animal ingredients.

The GRS establishes the requirements for the independent certification of recycled materials, product chain, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.